Adult Vaccinations

Vaccinations are available to protect against a range of adult illnesses and diseases, or if recommended for occupational health reasons.

For Travel vaccinations, see our Travel section.


These can be made either by visiting the Pharmacy or by calling 020 7435 0587 or by submitting an appointment request below.

Vaccine £ per dose
Chicken Pox 72
Flu 20
HPV – Gardasil 9 165
Meningitis ACWY 72
MMR 47
PPV 23 55
Shingles – Zostavax (live) 160
Shingles – Shingrix (inactivated) 220

Please note that a course of more than one dose may be required with some vaccines and stocks of particular vaccines may not always be available.

Credit card details may be required to secure an appointment. Please notify us if you cannot make an appointment. If not notified, no-shows may incur a £25 cancellation fee per patient.