Pharmacy Services

As well as dispensing both NHS and private prescriptions, as your local pharmacy you can visit us for convenient and effective advice on a number of minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, stomach upset, and aches and pains. Our consulting rooms are available if you prefer to discuss your concerns privately.

Keats Pharmacy are also proud to be part of the NHS Community Pharmacy Consulting Service. You could be referred to us via the NHS111 Service or in some circumstances directly from your GP or after being discharged from hospital. Find out more about this service from the NHS.

Here are some of the NHS and private healthcare services we provide:

NHS Services

Just bring in your prescription from your GP and our qualified pharmacist will dispense it to you while you wait or for later collection.

For repeat prescriptions, we can pick up your prescription from any local GP practice, including Keats Group Practice, Park End Surgery or Rosslyn Hill Practice (Dr Gertner), and let you know by phone or text message when it is ready for you to collect from the Pharmacy. 

You can also nominate Keats Pharmacy to dispense your prescriptions electronically using the NHS prescription service.

Our pharmacist will be happy to provide advice about your medications, including how to get the best from them and any specific features to be aware of.

Do you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma or lung disease or do you take blood thinners? Are you starting on a new medication or using a new medical device for any of these? Get help from our pharmacist who will explain all you need to know to take your medication or use your device properly. NMS reviews take place in our private consulting rooms and are without charge.

Want to give up smoking? Worried about its health effects or cost? Our pharmacist will help you do it through no cost face-to-face cessation sessions in one of our consulting rooms and the provision of cessation aids.

We may be able to help with:

• Mild skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, impetigo, athlete’s foot

• Coughs and colds, including blocked nose (nasal congestion), and sore throats

• Bruises, sunburn, and minor burns and scalds

• Constipation and piles (haemorrhoids)

• Hay fever, dry eyes and allergies (including rashes, bites and stings)

• Aches and pains, including earache, headache, migraine, back pain and toothache

• Vomiting, heartburn, indigestion, diarrhoea and threadworms

• Period pain, thrush and cystitis

• Head lice (nits)

• Conjunctivitis, cold sores and mouth ulcers

• Warts and verrucas

• Nappy rash and teething

If an over-the-counter medicine is appropriate, our pharmacist and the team can help you choose.

Private Services

We regularly dispense private prescriptions and can also give advice about taking and getting the best from your medications.

Bring your private prescription to the dispensary and our pharmacist will attend to it.

Keats Pharmacy offers an extensive range of Adult, Childrens and Travel vaccinations. For further details visit our Vaccination Clinic pages.